Sistine Chapel Tapestries by Raphael at Royal Palace in Madrid

The magnificent Madrid Royal Palace enhance its collections with the temporary display of the tapestries by the great Raffaello Sanzio, commemorating the 5th anniversary of his death. The Raphael tapestries cartoons for the Sistine were commissioned by Pope Leo X in 1514, unfortunately the master did [...]

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The Herrería forest and Philip the II Chair lookout

In this crazy times of pandemic, Madrileños(Madrid locals) we are beginning to appreciate more and more the jewels of our own region. The Herrería Forest is one of them. 50 minutes from the center of Madrid is a perfect day trip to go with [...]

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An ”appetizer”: Santa Isabel Street

We start the tour through the lower part of Santa Isabel St, near the Reina Sofía Museum, where you can see some kind of ancient walls. Perhaps you have ever wondered who they belong to. In this area was located the country estate of Antonio [...]

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