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By “terms and conditions” the terms and conditions governing the use made by the user of this website be understood. By “services” functions, mechanisms, information and other services available through this website they will understand. ‘User’ means any person who accesses or uses this website. By “site” means the “homepage” and all other pages characterized by the domain names, comings and managed by NOTheSameTOUR. “Material” means any type of good material or immaterial given through this, website including, for example, product marketing, data, drawings, images, photographs, illustrations, descriptions, informative texts, films, files audio, music and sound, services, software and other complementary programs. By “content (s)” messages, data, information, texts and other material, and includes those that are for advertising purposes.


By accessing, browsing or using the website in any way, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use and any other provision or directive to the terms and conditions of use, and any subsequent amendment therein relate .If the user is not in accordance with the preceding paragraph, including subsequent amendments introduced, then you should not access, browse or use the website in any way. NOTheSameTOUR reserves the right to integrate or modify at its discretion any of the provisions contained in the terms and conditions, including any legislation or policy to which the website refers. These additions and modifications will be effective by posting them on the website with a notice of modification or addition. The use of the website, following the publication of notice, consent will lead users to comply with the changes, even without having seen them. Thus, the user must frequently read the terms and conditions of use to see the new provisions and thus meet the terms and conditions governing the use of the website.


NOTheSameTOUR granted a limited right of access and not exclusive to the website and the material contained therein for non-commercial and information purposes. This license is conditioned by the recognition, observance and respect for the users of all intellectual property rights related to the material, such as copyright and rights related to trademarks and other intellectual property rights or intellectual deprivation, owned by NOTheSameTOUR and for which the client does not have any rights. All material on this website is protected by copyright defined by the expression “ALL RIGHTS RESERVED” owned by NOTheSameTOUR and its subsidiaries or third-party partners or licensees.Except as set forth herein, any material may be copied, modified, reproduced, distributed, published, downloaded, published, disclosed or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of NOTheSameTOUR or an authorized representative; nor can it be deleted or altered any notice, indicator of copyright or any other type of patent contained in this material. The authorization of use of the website does not include the power to sell, market, distribute their content or create works derived material or any material on the website, such as frames or frames relating to website activity, playback information client so that others may use or any data extraction or use of equipment for collecting and extracting data contained in this website. NOTheSameTOUR expressly prohibits charging material from other users on the site such as music, software, images and any other material which constitutes a violation of intellectual property rights of third parties, except in cases where the user has obtained authorizations relevant.


NOTheSameTOUR respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. If a user considers their work or work has been copied and uploaded on this website and that such actions constitute a violation of copyright, it must provide the following documentation NOTheSameTOUR writing: Signature, even digital, the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright. Description protected by copyright that the user considers he has been infringed. Indication of the exact location in the website, the material protected by copyright that the user considers to have been violated. Declaration of good faith on the part of users where it is established that the disputed use is not authorized by the owner of the copyright, by the applicant or is not permitted by law. Declaration users that the above information is correct and that the user is the sole owner of the copyright or are authorized to represent the owner of the copyright.


You agree to release and indemnify NOTheSameTOUR for any claim, action, demand, loss or damage (including legal costs) incurred or proposed by third parties arising out of the violation by users of the conditions of use or rights of third parties.


The products offered by NOTheSameTOUR are valid on the dates and times listed in NOTheSameTOUR is not responsible for any information that is not expressly provided. All rebooking requests should be directed to Customer Service Team of NOTheSameTOUR via email, telephone (Spain: +34 656 470 408, Italy: +39 3911165812).
NOTheSameTOUR not charge any additional fee for change the dates or times of an existing reservation, as long as our customer care team receives the request for change in more than 72 hours prior to your tour date confirmed term. If you request to change the date or time of your visit, NOTheSameTOUR try to meet your demand, but can not guarantee that modification since all requests and modifications depend on the availability. For changes made within a period not exceeding 72 hours from the date of a confirmed visit, penalty fee of 15.00 euros per person applies. NOTheSameTOUR reserves the right to cancel, modify or replace any visit you’ve booked at any time and for whatever reason. In such cases, if you are not satisfied with the alternatives offered, request a full refund of your purchase.


If, in our reasonable opinion, his conduct during the tour may entail a danger to any person or property, or impair or hinder the work of the staff NOTheSameTOUR, or do not follow the instructions of our staff, including but not limited to those as alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, or reasonably believe that their behavior can create discomfort, inconvenience or damage to other customers or our staff, we can make a decision to prevent such behavior or even restrict it. You may ask to leave the tour, shuttle or used at any point, and you may be prosecuted for offenses committed during the visit. We did not reimburse any customer who has ordered him to leave the tour as a result of his conduct visit.


NOTheSameTOUR accepts the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa. There is no charge or service fee for processing of credit card payments. To make a reservation requires full payment by credit card. The payment will appear on your credit card statement as a payment made to “NOTheSameTOUR”. The cancellation of a reservation with NOTheSameTOUR can lead to a cancellation fee NOTheSameTOUR applies under the conditions and amount described above. When canceling a reservation, you will be notified by email or fax if it has been successful and the cancellation charges set. NOTheSameTOUR apply a refund policy antelación.Las 72 hours Cancellations must be made in the email address within a period not less than 72 hours prior to your visit so that you can return the amount paid. Any cancellation will be subject to a cancellation fee of 5% of the total paid per person. No partial refunds for cancellations made within 72 hours prior to a visit allowed. No partial refunds are available once you have started the visit.


You will receive a receipt for each visit NOTheSameTOUR reserve and shall deliver the original and authentic NOTheSameTOUR guard at the beginning of the tour. Your order will not be accepted or redeemed without the proper safeguarding NOTheSameTOUR.


NOTheSameTOUR you not are liable for any of the following losses or damages under any circumstances (regardless of whether such loss could have been predicted, they were expected or could have known in advance): (a) loss of data; (b) loss of revenue or anticipated profits; (c) loss of business; (d) loss of opportunity; (e) loss of goodwill or injury to reputation; (f) losses caused by third parties or (g) compensation for any indirect, consequential, special or punitive damages arising from the use of the website, regardless of the form of action.NOTheSameTOUR assumes no responsibility because of illness, theft, labor disputes, machinery breakdown, government restrictions, acts of war or terrorism, weather conditions, defect in any vehicle of transportation or for any misfortune, accident or other reasons outside their control. These situations are not limited, but may include a) the closing of a place visited during the tour with NOTheSameTOUR, when the closure of the site is outside the control of NOTheSameTOUR or when you are not notified early enough to communicate it to the customers, and that may be due to inclement weather, demonstrations or protests or simply a last minute decision; b) the inability of our visit you can access certain monuments, areas or places due to restrictions caused by excessive traffic, inclement weather, demonstrations or protests or because that area is being restored or covered / hidden from public view.


The invalidity or nullity of any provision of the terms and conditions do not affect the validity and enforceability of any other provision or part thereof.


NOTheSameTOUR reserves the right, without notice, to cancel the terms and conditions of use and to prevent users from accessing the website.


The terms and conditions will be preserved and interpreted by the laws of Spain, except for the provisions which concern the private international law. Any dispute arising out of or related to the execution of the terms and conditions of use will be exclusive competence of the jurisdiction of the relevant courts in Dublin.